Website traffic is a critical component for most businesses. The more visitors you have, the more chances-at-bat your company has to convert into sales or leads.

The hard part is creating a strategy to scale a business from hundreds to thousands of visitors per month. The rules change on a regular basis and there are many voices all claiming to have shortcuts to help you move the needle.

The fact is, there is are not shortcuts.

61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. (HubSpot)

How Do I Create More Traffic?

To generate more traffic from search engines, you need to invest in creating content on a regular basis. This content comes in many shapes and sizes, and includes mediums like video, written content, animated GIFs, short stories, e-books, and guides. What you end up using depends entirely on your target audience.

Create a Strategy – Before you start out on your journey, you need to create a solid strategy based on your business’ most valuable customers. We call these personas. Each one of these buyer personas will have unique goals, desires, objections, and emotions while searching for a solution to their problem.

Measurement – Before you ship anything, you need to decide what key performance indicators are the most important to your business. There is a plethora of ways to measure the ROI of content marketing. A few things you should know are: average cost per lead, cost per marketing qualified lead (MQL), cost of traffic. Ultimately, you want to define what is going to be measured when. Content usually has a ramp up time associated with it so be sure to communicate to key stakeholders.

Create Internal Content Champions – There are members of your sales, marketing, or management staff that understand the business and your customers intimately. They understand the nuances, objections and vision and can likely communicate that in ways that no one else can. Get all of these people in a room or send out a company email gauge interest. Start out with a post, per person, per month, then scale up from there as your program grows. Taking the time to do this if you have this opportunity is critical to scaling content programs quickly.

Brainstorm Ideas – Get all of your key players in a room and brainstorm ideas for content that solves your customer’s issues. Your sales and support teams are great resources for this exercise as they are on the front line every day. Take these ideas and organize them into a Word doc or spreadsheet. Next, talk to key personnel in your office or agency partner to perform keyword research to see what the opportunity is. Finally, organize all of your topics by traffic opportunity and create a content calendar to manage your efforts.

Version Your Content – To get the most of your content creation strategy, you need to consider how to give the things you create in more places. Let’s go through an example:

You created a blog post that has attracted more than 500 new visitors each month. To maximize this content, you can create a video that explains the post which you then syndicate across YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. In addition, you create an email that goes out to your loyal customers and contact other blog owners to create a short post about the content you created.

There is not a simple approach to this and it is based entirely on your target audience. When completed with the content, it can create even further traffic opportunities across multiple channels.

Refine Your Strategy – Just like anything else you do from a marketing perspective, you want to revisit it every so often to see how varying hypotheses have changed over time. For a content marketing program, aim to evaluate things every 3 to 6 months.

Partner with an Agency – Building, maintaining, and shipping a content marketing program is complex and few businesses can create content that both ranks and generates new leads.

69 percent of marketers prefer content to public relations and direct mail. (Source: Custom Content Council)

Looking For More Website Traffic?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the practice of creating and syndicating content to attract a clearly defined audience and to ultimately drive leads/sales.

Can I just pay for traffic instead of making content?

Yes. However, this only supports you in the short-term of your business objectives. If you plan on maintaining your brand for years to come, creating content builds a flow of qualified traffic for years to come.

How much does it cost to increase our traffic?

This is dependent on several factors but we can share with you a general range so you understand what to expect. We typically recommend spending 30-40% of your overall marketing budget on content marketing each year. The average company spends anywhere from $200,000 – $499,000 per year with 30% of these customers spending more than $500,000 annually. If you don’t have this kind of budget, don’t worry. It is best to start with percentage listed above which will allow you to scale as your marketing budget grows.

We have tried blogging with limited success. What do we need to fix?

In our experience, this typically has to do with the key components that include: keyword phrase selection, content length, how users interact with it. Additionally, you have factors like how many backlinks are pointed at the content that shows how popular it is.

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