5 Star HVAC Contractors is a small local business that delivers outstanding customer service and customized solutions for customers. The business has had stellar growth and it has been rewarding to have been a part of the project.


  • The previous website did not exude their offers or levels of service to customers.
  • Website made the business look small and dissuaded some commercial customers from using their service.
  • Very few landing pages for current pay-per-click campaigns that were running with a very low conversion rate


We needed to solve challenges and give Jose a leg up on the local competition. Our team came together to create a website that would better help him reach his goals.

  1. Messaging – Differentiation and communication of services
  2. SEO-Optimized Landing Pages – needed to serve as both PPC and SEO landing pages.
  3. Fast, Responsive Design
  4. Strategic Calls-to-Action – Drive traffic into potential customers
  5. Business Assets – Incorporate reviews from 3rd parties, videos and other sales collateral in key pages.


  • 74% organic traffic increase
  • Increased conversion rate by 189%
  • Increased ranks for key search terms





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