Daniel Nicholas Roofing is a leader in the roofing and hail restoration market. Their business was built around fantastic customer service and a stellar work product few in the market could match. DNR came to us wanting to further differentiate themselves from their competition, drive more leads and comply with newer standards in search engine marketing.


  • Hard to differentiate why to do business with the brand.
  • Website not responsive, had a very poor mobile user experience.
  • Organic traffic to the site was very poor because most content was lumped into one page.
  • Look and feel did not match up with the standard of excellence they represented in the market.
  • Wanted to start advertising but knew they would need a better web presence to keep lead cost down.


Our strategy for this site was to address the main challenges and to give them the foundation to grow. These were the key components of the strategy.

  1. Messaging – We needed to get the brand to stand out from the competition and we did so by crafting a central message that resonated with their audience.
  2. SEO-Optimized Landing Pages – We researched and created more than 20 locally optimized landing pages that comprised of services and markets they served.
  3. Fast, Responsive Design – Works across all screen sizes and devices with lightning fast load speed.
  4. Strategic Calls-to-Action – Drive traffic into potential customers


  • 200% organic traffic increase
  • 75% more leads converted
  • Increased ranks for key search terms
  • Ranking for new terms





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