MV Transportation is a market leader in transportation solutions for municipalities, colleges, and veterans across the United States. Their old website was built on an unsupported version of Drupal which presented the opportunity to create a more strategic web presence.


  • Very little measurement set up in Google Analytics.
  • We needed to redesign the site but keep user experience and SEO rankings intact.
  • The previous website had a lot of great content but very few calls-to-action to drive users towards a business objective.
  • Many erroneous pages that needed to be combined with others to reduce number of clicks users needed to find information.
  • Many collateral pieces had newer information than was displayed on the site. Many messages were dated.


  1. User Recording & Heat Maps– To get a better understanding of what we needed to keep and change, we recorded actual website visitors for 60 days.
  2. Strategic Measurement – Our team set up Google Analytics with every macro and micro goal to give the executive team an understanding of how the website contributes to the business.
  3. Builds Trust – Utilizes logos of large clients to help build trust on the website quickly.
  4. Fast, Responsive Design – Works across all screen sizes and devices with lightning fast load speed.
  5. Strategic Calls-to-Action – Drive traffic into potential customers to submit an RFP, provide feedback, or seek employment based on the section of the website they were in.


  • Website launched 10/4/18. Will update with findings at a later date.





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