Nelle & Lizzy was the pioneer for Mother’s Name Rings and became wildly popular after appearances on major talk-shows like Oprah. Their website platform was limiting their growth and they needed a solution to increase profitability.


  • Products were not categorized and it was hard for users to navigate.
  • Organic SEO traffic was very low considering the competition
  • Product pictures were one-dimensional and small
  • Back end systems were clunky and dated which prevented the brand from utilizing firs-party data from their clients to improve the shopping experience
  • Product catalog was disorganized and was limiting sales


  1. Product Categorization – This is one of the most crucial aspects of e-commerce. It helps organize products  for users and marketing initiatives.
  2. Shopping Cart – Simplify checkout process, cross-sell/up-sell products, incorporate newsletter opt-in
  3. Messaging – With the addition of more competition, it was critical to communicate the value of their jewelry.
  4. SEO-Optimized Landing Pages
  5. Fast, Responsive Design


  • 75% increase in e-commerce conversion rate
  • 30% increase in average cart size
  • 123% increase in email list
  • 64% more organic traffic from search engines
  • Business sold in 2018





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