Sonoma House Assisted Living is a small senior living community in Carrollton, TX that was looking for a better marketing foundation. In addition, they had goals of a future acquisition. We kicked off this project with a strategy session with the CEO and key personnel.


  • Business was not differentiated well within the market
  • Conversion rates (chat, lead forms) were less than 1%
  • Very few photos of the community to give users a preview to the property
  • Information scattered across many pages, too many clicks to get key information


  1. Messaging  РCrafting the messaging platform was key to communicating the value to potential residents.
  2. Content Strategy – We incorporated key aspects like floor plans, amenities, and photos to reduce the amount of clicks users needed to find information pertinent to their decision to convert.
  3. SEO-Optimized Landing Pages
  4. Fast, Responsive Design – Works across all screen sizes and devices with lightning fast load speed.
  5. Calls-To-Action  РChanged the main focus of the website to drive calls and schedule tours of the property.


  • 250% increase in conversion rate
  • Increased ranks for key search terms and rank for another 45 terms relevant to their business





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