Stewart Custom Homes is Colleyville’s premier custom home builder. With 40 years of experience and hundreds of homes built, Stewart homes remains remains dedicated to to excellence, honor and integrity.


  • Website did not rank for key competitive terms within the marketplace
  • Users were leaving the site without taking action. We needed to create an e-book that helped educate users on building a custom home


Our strategy included creating a custom sales funnel that included new web content, an informative e-book, and several emails to maximize each lead.

  1. SEO-Optimized Landing Pages – We researched and created 10 locally optimized landing pages that comprised of services and markets they served.
  2. Fast, Responsive Design – Works across all screen sizes and devices with lightning fast load speed.
  3. E-Book – The e-book we created had both digital and paper iterations offering the brand maximum asset value


  • 23% organic traffic increase year-over-year
  • 5% more leads from organic sources
  • New source of qualified leads from e-book downloads





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