Our POV on PPC

PPC marketing is short-term advertising tactic that is integral to every business, in any vertical. It provides brands with tools to reach customers at varying levels of iAntent using tactics that range from text ads to emotion-provoking videos. Brands can easily vet new products, reach new customer segments, and drive leads while measuring every part of the customer journey.

Pay-per-click campaign management is not maximized by living in a silo, apart from other tactics. To maximize this channel your brand needs conversion-driven landing pages, outstanding copy, bold creative, and strategic email marketing to nurture a warm audience into hot prospects.

Internet traffic funneled through pay-per-click advertisements bring approximately 50% more lead conversions than organic web traffic.


Meticulous Measurement

For every marketing initiative there is a measurement for success. Marketing is not always a perfect process and measuring all marketing activity helps you understand where to spend those valuable marketing dollars.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

Each business is as unique as an individual. Our strategic marketing solutions are tailored to your business and its unique goals to maximize your budget.

We Become Your Customer

We believe that becoming your customer helps us become intimate with the full cycle of sales. When possible, we become your customer to identify opportunities that may be hindering your growth.

We Play Well With Others

Marketing does not work well in silos and some companies have partners or employees in place. We understand this and strive to work with all parties to ensure marketing is firing on all cylinders.

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